You've read the blurb, you've seen the pictures, but what are these people really like to deal with? Please see below what a sample of our customers actually think about us:

Iannick Martin, aka The Archduke Charles, our  No 1 customer, says about our service:

"In the last few years I commissioned quite a few projects from RTB et Blairuea, and I've had nothing but amazing service and quality painting. They aretalented, extremely professional, trustworthy, and great guys to deal with.

I hig
hly recommend them to anyone who's looking for a painting service."

Iannick Martin, January 25th 2911

We were recommended to Ed Youngstrom by The ArchDuke Charles - Iannick Martin - and initially painted a Front Rank Bavarian army for him. He liked them so much we are now painting a Neopolitan contingent for use in Spain. In his words:

"Working with RTB and Blaireau on a painting commission was a joy in itself. Communication was quick and complete as well as friendly. They provided timely updates of progress as well as pictures of finished items for review.

RTBr provided exactly what he promised, on schedule and looking fantastic. His own interest in both the history of the era as well as the joy of painted miniatures shows on every figure.

I highly recommend RTB. In fact, I've ordered more figures myself!"

Ed Youngstrom 17th Jan 2011.



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